Corporate Responsibility

In 2016 Sampo continued to develop the Group-level non-financial reporting. The three main focus areas were to develop the corporate responsibility organization within the Group, to outline the content of the actual Corporate Responsibility Report and to identify the most relevant corporate responsibility themes for Sampo.

During the year, Sampo carried out a stakeholder survey and worked on a materiality analysis based on the survey. This work helped in identifying, which corporate responsibility topics are important on a Group-level, and which should be chosen as the main priorities. The survey and analysis gave rise to Sampo Group’s corporate responsibility themes, which further make up the content draft for the Report.

The five themes are:

  • Responsibility in our governance and business operations
  • Responsibility with our people
  • Responsibility with our customers
  • Responsibility in our investments
  • Responsibility in our communities

Each of the identified themes needs to be reported and analyzed carefully. Therefore towards the end of the year the focus of the corporate responsibility work started to shift into increasingly technical and detailed matters, such as data gathering, choosing the relevant indicators and updating necessary policies. This work is still ongoing. The main goal for the future is to publish Sampo Group’s first Corporate Responsibility Report in 2018.

Most of Sampo Group’s corporate responsibility work continues to be on the subsidiary level, since that is where the customers and most of the personnel are. Further details on If P&C’s environmental activities can be read from If’s Environmental Reports available at More information on Mandatum Life’s corporate responsibility activities can be found from the company website